Vicross & Sir Ly – Chapter Eleven

8th Day of the Claw of winter (February): DAY FOUR

The Wizard in the Vampire Lair (5:30 am):

Vicross the Wizard endeavours to strike one of the Undead but is fruitless in his attempts.

Sir Ly is still held by the gang of Zombie Elves, Vicross the Wizard stand behind them all ignored by them at this point in time and the ‘Unseen Servant’ stands Invisible in the doorway still holding the ‘Continual Light’ Sling Bullet.

Sir Ly searches for inspiration from his Deity and creativeness come in the form of his Equus Pendant and his Heavy War Horse, which the Paladin has name (?)


AC 6: Movement 160’: HD 4 +4: hp 28: Size: Large Height: 5’7’’

THACO 16: #AT 3: (Hooves and bite): Damage: 1d8 + 1d8 + 1d4:

Special Defences: 30’ feet Infravision; Immunity to all ‘Hold’ and ‘Charm’ Spells;

Moral 16: Alignment NG: Intelligence 10:

NPC - War Horse - The Wizard
NPC – War Horse

The Heavy War Horse attacks the closet Zombie to it, as commanded by Sir Ly, with 2 hoof attacks and a nasty bite and Vicross attempted to successfully strike at one of the other Zombie Elves that were subduing Sir Ly. The Heavy War Horse was not only efficacious in its strikes; it was able to kill the Elven Zombie. Sir Ly attempted to break free from his captives but to no avail as there were just enough of them to hold him down and keep him away from Evils plan.

Vicross the Wizard swings again at one of the Eleven Zombies as they still payed no attention to him. This time he was victorious and had he reach, causing his Zombie Elf to expire with a mighty crushing of Skull and Neck bone.

Next the Heroes hear and see events around them before they re-engage in melee. Sir Ly hears the sound of a low gurgling moan on the other side of the closed sarcophagi and Vicross can see that, down the corridor which they had just come down, 6 of the 8 Ghouls that he saw in the room before the one they were in, the Ruined Crypt.

The Heavy War Horse attacks the closet Zombie to it, as commanded by Sir Ly again and with first hoof attack utterly destroys the Elven Zombie. Vicross swings again at another of the Eleven Zombies and once again has the Elven Zombies head explode with the force of the blow from his Magical Staff. These events in turn allows Sir Ly to successful escape from the clutches of the Elven Zombies and draw forth his Fathers Longsword, as he had no idea where his ‘Flametonge’ was at this present moment in time.

Vicross the Wizard hand an idea because, as he turned to check the corridor for a possible attack from the Ghouls, he could see that 4 Ghouls ran off Westwards while 2 stood by the open Pit Trap and looking down into it.

Sir Ly could now see that the Vampire Spawn had risen from the ground and was stand behind the Sarcophagi on the plinth. The good news was that the foul creature could not slash or bite him and reduce his Constitution any lower, but the bad news being he himself could not swipe at the undead and it was grow gradually stronger as it regenerated due to its corruption.  Sir Ly set about finishing off the Zombie Elves that remained.

Sir Ly: “Wizard the Vampire Spawn has arisen. Beware.”

Vicross the Wizard was looking down the Western corridor and could make out that one of the Ghouls was beginning to slowly climb down into the Pit Trap while the other Ghouls remained above pacing to-and-fro. Vicross returned to helping the Paladin defeat the Elven Zombies.

As did the War Horse, commanded to do so by Sir Ly in simple calls and gestures as it was after all only just a well-trained, made of flesh and blood everyday Heavy War Horse.

The Vampire Spawn, seen by Sir Ly and Vicross, having regain only a small amount of its power began to move towards the Paladin with murder in its eyes and suddenly stopped as by silent calling, turned around and scurried up the wall and to the chambers ceiling.

All but one of the Zombie Elves were dispatched as the Vampire Spawn moved across the ceiling, slightly slowing by the doorway where the ‘Unseen Servant’ holding the ‘Continual Light’, past the Ruined Crypt containing the empty alcoves and towards the end of the Western corridor.

The last Zombie Elf is dispatched by Sir Ly and his trusty War Horse stands by his side.

Vicross the Wizard can see that the Ghoul, which had descended into the Pit Trap, had re-emerged and it was carrying something.

Vicross: “Sir Ly, one of the Ghouls is in possession of your ‘Flametonge’, we must act.”

Sir Ly: “I will look myself and see what I can fight.”

There are thoughts of Sir Ly mounting his horse, which may work in of the large chambers but within the corridors the Paladins neck would need to bend in order to fit. Then that they should have the War Horse follow-up behind the Paladin and engage in battle.

Sir Ly: “Me thinks that my War Horse should only be used in an emergency or as he has been trained to do.”

The 2 Ghouls stand at the top of the Pit Trap, the last Elven Zombie still in said Pit Trap and the Vampire Spawn hangs on the ceiling at the end of the Westward running corridor.

Sir Ly sheaths his Fathers Longsword his draws forth his Elven Longbow and a Magical Arrow.

Then like something out of a nightmare, a powerful stroke of electrical energy lights up the doorway and chamber, striking Sir Ly, Vicross and the War Horse. The Paladin and his War Horse evade the full effects of the ‘Lightning Bolt’, while the Wizard is caught flatfooted and bares the full force of the Magical Lightning.

Our Heroes and the undead now all act.

Vicross the Wizard pulls out his ‘Wand of Illumination’, which he just realises that he has been grasping onto for how long he cannot tell, and fires out its sudden flash of brilliant, greenish-white light, with blazing golden rays. The Vampire cries out, his face grimaces and then a look of confusion and then anger is seen by the Wizard.

Sir Ly releases his ‘Magic Arrow’ from his ‘Magical Elven Longbow’ and the arrow sails towards the Vampire, strikes the beast but Sir Ly can see the tell-tale sign of a ‘Magical Shimmer’ surrounding the Vampire which protects it.

Sir Ly: “The Vampire has Stoneskin cast upon it.”

Vicross: “What are we to do for I am running low of Magical Spells Paladin?”

A ruse, called out by the Wizard to draw forth any enemy.

Vampire: “Aaaggggg.”

The Ghoul carrying Sir Lys ‘Flametonge’ is next to act and moves towards his Master, as commanded?

Vicross: “Kill the beast; do not let the Longsword be taken.”

The Paladin draws out another ‘Magical Arrow’ from his quiver and his aim is true. The Ghoul falls dead at the feet of the Vampire, while the other Ghoul was following his comrade in an effort to block the sight of the Wizard.

The Paladin elects to dispatch the Vampire Spawn, still perched above the Vampire, at first he wishes to pull out a Non-Magical Arrow but remembers he doesn’t have one and that only ‘Magical Weapons’ may hit creatures that are Semi-Corporeal.

Vicross takes out his ‘Potion of Flying’ and drinks its contests. However, Vicross thinks to himself:

Vicross: “I have a feeling we are once again being deceived by this unholy monster and I am wasting my Wands power.”

Sir Ly fires at the Vampire Spawn and it falls from the ceiling, slain by the Paladins New Elven Longbow. The Vampire is next to act and it takes Sir Lys ‘Flametonge’ and is magically transported away.

The chase is now on, the Vampire being able to regenerate its health must have fled to do so as it was severely damaged by the ‘Wand of Illumination’ of Vicross the Wizard.

Vicross the Wizard and Sir Ly debate where to go next. Vicross feeling that the Ruined Crypt chamber held something of interest.

The Wizards Next Move (6:00 am)

Vicross: “The way the Ghouls were grouped in the corner of the chamber…”

Sir Ly: “It must have fled towards the West where the Shadows dwelt; perhaps the creature does not know of their demise and seeks powerful allies?”

Vicross: “That makes sense Paladin, but it could have fled anywhere within or outside of the Crypt of Ilmater if it used the ‘Dimension Door’ Spell.”

Sir Ly: “Then what say you about the unopened Sarcophagi in this room or his own Coffin?”

DM: “Why would it do that?”

Vicross: “It does not need to go to its Coffin unless it has been truly killed, I think your choice carries weight and we should head west.”

Vicross the Wizard and Sir Ly head off west and down the corridor past the Pit Trap and Ruined Crypt, Vicross ‘Flying’ ahead of the Paladin. Strangely as Sir Ly passes the Ruined Crypt chamber, he feels something but the Vampire must be reached before it can regenerate any more.

With Vicross flying in front of the Paladin moving up behind, it allows the Wizard to perceive anything that may lead them to the Vampire or prevent any more ambushes. The Wizard checks the Lower Foyer and cannot see or hear anything in it or the passage to the stairway out. Vicross then moves to the slopping ramp down towards the Vampires Lair and listens there while Sir Ly catches up with the Wizard.

Our Heroes both listen at the corridor and can both clearly hear the noise of the missing Ghouls, actively moaning and chattering to each other. Vicross then fly’s over to the exit to see if the ‘Wall of Force’, that Sir Ly hit, was still in place.

Vicross: “The ‘Wall of Force’ is not here and must have been part of the ‘Illusion’.”

DM: “That means you do not have to deduct the Hit Points you lost by your face hitting it.”

Vicross the Wizard and Sir Ly then check the Small Room and Curates Tome where the Shadows resided. There is nothing of note in the Small Room except for the lone Bronze Urn. Inside the Curates Tome, where the Shadows slept, all was as the Paladin remembered with the elaborately carved Sarcophagi and inlaid Gemstones still sealed.

Sir Ly: “He has deceived us once more and I believe him not to be here, where to next Wizard?”

Vicross: “He could be anywhere and I have little power left and one more blast of my ‘Wand of Illusion’ only. We should go, leave and get help this task is too much for us.”

Sir Ly: “We cannot leave; we are too close and must push whatever advantage we have. We go back to the Ruined Crypt and search the East Wing of this complex of Death.”

Sir Ly: “For Saint Cuthbert and the Souls of the Dead.”

Vicross and Sir Ly make their way back Ruined Crypt and agree to search the chamber. After much discussion and Detecting of Evil, the Paladin eventually moves into the chamber and feels the Power of Good within it.

The South wall emitting the most powerful force of good is where the Paladin searches for a Secret Door and finds a small carving of the symbol of Ilmater. He pushes it and a door opens to reveal an elongated chamber, The Ritual Room.

From the chamber radiates a warm comforting Aura. On the far wall is a 10’ foot statue of Ilmater, at the base of which is a 6’ foot by 3’ foot Pool of Water. On the table next to the statue is a thick dust covered Tome, along with 4 Crystal Vials and a Silver Chalice.

Vicross the Wizard reads the Tome and Sir Ly removes his boots and paddles in the Pool.

Sir Ly: “What does the Elven Tomb says Wizard; can this aid us in our quest?”

Vicross: “There is nothing here we can use now and should leave this complex.”

Sir Ly: “I have sworn an oath to protect those that cannot protect themselves, if we leave now then there is now guaranty that it will not leave here and cause more damage elsewhere.”

Vicross: “You can do whatever you God tells you to do; I do not have to stay beneath the ground with Death anymore.”

Vicross the Wizard, after much conversing with Sir Ly then hears the noise of a Door Opening somewhere beyond the Ritual Room where they were currently standing in. Sir Ly checks the Ruined Crypt for Evil and then the Paladin and Wizard look for anything out of the ordinary in the chamber.

Sir Ly: “Nothing in this room what about outside?”

The paladin moves across the chamber and looks down the corridor where he can see that a Secret Door had been opened on the Northern Wall of the corridor, just beyond the Pit Trap and before the Patriarchs Tomb which held the Vampire Spawn and Elven Zombies.

Vicross & Sir Ly: “It’s obviously a TRAP.”

Vicross the Wizard & Sir Ly (6:45 am):

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