Vicross & Sir Ly – Chapter Five

7th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY THREE

The Stag King’s Tomb Revisited (18:00 pm):

Vicross and Sir Ly plan to investigate the hole in the wall found within the Stag Kings Tomb and Vicross suggests he casts ‘Wraithform’ on himself to investigate beyond the wall while Sir Ly stays in the Tomb area. Much like the Great Mirafir would do.

Sir Ly: “Did I mention I had that dream again last night?”

Vicross: “No, you didn’t.”

Vicross casts ‘Continual Light’ for second time on another of his Magic Sling Bullets, from his ‘Wand of Illumination’ [COUNT 31 –2 –2 = 27], and leaves it with Sir Ly in the Stag King’s Tomb. He used the one he had himself to look through the hole and he can see a corridor beyond.

The Stag King Tomb

Vicross travels down a 500’ foot corridor with tapestries covering both the walls. They depict the journey from Secomber, down the Delimbiyr River, to the sea and back to this place under the Sword Hills. Vicross does not stop, as he is in ‘Wraithform’, and finally arrives at a slightly open Secret Door at the end of the straight corridor, one Secret Door at either end. Here Vicross notices that 2 of the touches are very faintly glowing, Old Magic or Minor Magic he thinks to himself.

Vicross presses on by himself and beyond the Secret Door finds a large spiral staircase ascending into the darkness. Next to the Secret Door is a another door which is closed, a wooden door and Vicross slips through the keyhole in ‘Wraithform’ and leaves the stairs unchecked as he pushes on in ‘Wraithform’ past the Wooden Door.

Beyond Vicross finds a 60’ foot corridor flanked by 5 religious statues on either side, including Clerics, Curates, Priests, Holy Men and Women and High Priests. Here Vicross elects to cast ‘Detect Magic’ and peers down the corridor, Vicross can sense faint Magic on all of the statues. Vicross again moves onwards past the statues which all speak and bless him as he passes by.

Statues: “A blessing on you and yours and allow Ilmater to share your burdens.”

The corridor turns South-wards to some stairs that descend downwards beyond the 60’ feet of ‘Continual Light’ coming from the Magic Bullet held by Vicross. Vicross heads down after ‘Detecting Magic’ on the stairs and after some 200’ feet or so arrive at a wonders site, a large rectangular gallery had been carved out of the mountain with a walled central area which appeared to contain small buildings.

Vicross: “This is some form of Underground Cemetery.”

Vicross thinks to himself as he uses the last minute of his ‘Wraithform’ Spell to take a final closer look.

In the centre of the 250′ foot wide field, a 10’ foot high ivy covered stone wall can be seen. On the South side of the wall is a 10′ foot Iron Gate lies broken on the ground, the hinges and gate rusted and bent. Several dozen gravestones are arranged in rows inside the walls, three Small Tombs and a Large Crypt are the only structures inside the graveyard.

Vicross can just about make out the writing on one of the Gravestones and it is a Priest buried there.

Vicross: “I think I have seen enough and the Paladin may be getting scared all alone by himself.”

Vicross, knowing full well that it was he that felt that way, noticed that the ‘Continual Light’ Bullet was beginning to dig into his skin as he squeezed that much harder as he made his way back.

Vicross: “There’s nothing to fear, I am very sure that there aren’t any Undead here.”

Meanwhile, Sir Ly had placed his ‘Continual Light’ Magic Bullet on the floor; the Death Knight’s ‘Two-Handed Sword’ on the Stag Kings Tomb and he himself stood behind the Tomb waiting for the inevitable to happen. After several minutes Sir Ly hears noises in the darkness that increase in volume and number. Metal, wood and there at the end Bone on Stone, Skeletons. Sir Ly stands his ground behind the Tomb hoping and waiting for the return of Vicross and content on staying behind the Stag Kings Tomb.

Monster - Skeleton of the Tomb
Monster – Skeleton

Out of the darkness appear the orderly lines of Skeletons, 3 a breadth and more than 8 or 9 deep. Sir Ly elects to attempt to ‘Turn’ as many of the Skeletons as he could and hope the others did not reach his position before he could arm himself again. With his Holy Symbol on his Shield and his free hand, Sir Ly begins the placation to his God in order to gain his power. Sir Ly is very successful and a significant number stop and assume a guarding position.

However, the small army of dead skeletal mourners and Guards continue onwards towards Sir Ly who stands with his now Flaming ‘Flametonge Sword’ in his right and his ‘NEW Magical Shield’ in his left hand.

Battle commences just as Vicross reaches the back of the Secret Door leading out of the Stag Kings Tomb, Sir Ly engages in combat with 4 skeletons, while another jumps onto the Sarcophagus. Beyond the phalanx of Skeletons Sir Ly can see 2 others that are standing slightly back from the other and appear to by wearing superior Armour with both about to release their Spears.

Both Spears miss the Paladin and the Skeleton which was on the Sarcophagus had picked up the Death Knight’s Two-Handed Sword. Both Spears hit the Paladin, with one doing a minor amount of damage (1 hp) while the second did a surprisingly larger amount of damage more so than that from just a thrown Spear. The Skeleton on the Sarcophagus, and that had picked up the Death Knight’s Two-Handed Sword, misses completely with the large weapon and falls backwards onto the cold hard stone floor.

Vicross appears from behind the Secret Door and uses his Wand of Illumination’, [COUNT 27 -3 = 24], to totally destroy all of the Skeletons that are surrounding Sir Ly.

Vicross: “Sir Ly, Cover your eyes.”

One of the two superior Skeletons anticipated, guessed or was just lucky and took the Death Knight’sTwo-Handed Sword’ and moved back towards the Southern end of the Stag King’s Tomb.

Sir Ly could now see from whence Vicross had appeared and ran after the fleeing Skeleton.

Sir Ly: “I will confront the Death Knight Vicross, aid me as best you can.”

Vicross: “I don’t think that is the Death Knight, his body was on the floor, they look like something else.”

As Sir Ly approaches the edge of the light, having left his ‘Continual Light’ Magic Sling Bullet on the floor, he comes face to face with the Skeleton Warrior who had commanded his army to attack once more, his will stronger than that of the Paladin. The Skeleton Warrior misses his target completely while Sir Ly lands a mighty blow. The remaining Skeletons move towards Sir Ly and a few of them land hits, easier than the Paladin had hoped; now he had a ‘NEW Magical Shield’. Vicross takes this time to move closer to the raging battle so as to best aid his comrade-in-arms.

Vicross is quickest employing his Wand of Illumination’, [COUNT 24 -3 = 21], on the Skeleton Warrior and the reaming Skeletons. All of the Skeletons are instantly vaporised as once again the sudden flash of brilliant, greenish-white light, with blazing golden rays are released from the Wand. The range of this sunburst extending out from it, for a 1/10 of a second burst forming a 40’ foot diameter globe of Golden Light.

Magic Item - Wand of Illumination
Magic Item – Wand of Illumination

Sir Ly then finishes off the Skeleton Warrior with his Flaming ‘Flametonge Sword’.

Vicross and Sir Ly check the Skeletons, The 2 Skeleton Warriors and the Spars thrown by them with ‘Detect Magic’, which was still running, but they find nothing of Magic except for the Death Knight’sTwo-Handed Sword’.

Sir Ly makes sure that he is not taking something he will regret and attempts to ‘Detects Evil’ on the Sword. He senses nothing Evil and so takes the Death Knight’sTwo-Handed Sword’.

Vicross and Sir Ly then agree to move onwards and head through the Secret Corridor to the large spiral stairs and Wooden Door. Once Vicross and Sir Ly reach the slightly open Secret Door they suspect a trap of some sort and hastate in exiting the corridor. After some discussion Vicross and Sir Ly choose to go through the Wooden Door and follow the way Vicross went to the Cemetery, and not investigate the stair up for now. The Wooden Door turned out not to be locked.

Again, when Vicross and Sir Ly reach the 60’ foot corridor flanked by the religious statues, they hesitate again.

Vicross: “I have been this way but a few short minuets ago Paladin, I believe there is no danger here.”

Sir Ly: “But you passed through in ‘Wraithform’ and some trapes, Magical or Mechanical, may not be triggered.”

Vicross and Sir Ly continue onwards, Sir Ly taking up the vanguard with his Shield and Sword in hand. Vicross and Sir Ly then head down the long flight of stairs heading downwards and make their way past the Broken Iron Gates.

Vicross: “This entire flora radiates faint Magic Sir Ly and I believe that is what allows then to grow underground.”

Vicross and Sir Ly head to the East-Side of the Cemetery and look closer at the Gravestones.

The Gravestones are marked with the names of low ranking Priests.

The Graveyard is made up of Gravestones on the West and East, 3 Ornate Tomb’s also to the East and a larger 30’ foot building due South at the very back of the Graveyard. Other than that, the graveyard is layout with paths and small walls which mark the boundaries of the different religious positions.

Vicross and Sir Ly, eager to search the Graveyard head off towards the 3 Ornate Tomb’s and Sir Ly spots something disturbing behind one of the low walls to the South.

The grass in this clearing by the wall is matted down, and 5 Skeletons are scattered about, some in suits of Armour.

Vicross and Sir Ly ignore this and continue to the 3 Tomb’s.

3 Ornate Tombs stand near the centre of the East wall of the graveyard. Each has 3 marble steps leading to a locked iron gate, behind which is a large Stone Door.

Vicross and Sir Ly ignore the 3 Tomb’s; thinking it would be too much time, Magic and effort to do so. Instead, they head straight for the largest Crypt and also not stopping to investigate the Skeletons in Armour.

A large 30′ foot square structure dominates the Graveyard, its fine marble walls covered in a thick layer of dirt and grime, through which detailed carvings can be made out. A statue of Ilmater lies on the ground, broken into pieces. A massive Bronze Door stands slightly open.

Vicross and Sir Ly discuss what they should do next and Vicross attempts to peer into the Crypt, while Sir Ly looks to the surrounding area. The gap allow but the slimmest creature to pass through without a struggle.

Vicross: “I can see naught but stairs descending further down into the Mountains.”

Quietly Vicross murmurs to himself.

Vicross: “Will I never be free from Darkness and Death?”

Sir Ly: “I can see several open Graves there, to the Western corner of this underground Graveyard.”

Vicross and Sir Ly deliberate on their next move when they both suddenly feel the presence of the Undead. From the Western side of the Crypt of Ilmater can be seen several hissing Ghouls, crouched and ready to break into dash, more can be heard to the Eastern side now too and to make matters worse, 2 of the largest of the foul Undead abominations appear over the edge of the roof of the Crypt of Ilmater.

Sir Ly: “Run Wizard, through the gap and I will follow you.”

Vicross is first to react and dashes on and through the narrow gap between Crypt Wall and Bronze Door. However, Saint Cuthbert must have been attending another brave soul as the 2 Ghouls on the top of the Crypt of Ilmater move faster than Sir Ly and blocked his path into the Crypt. Sir Ly had no choice but to use his ‘Ring of Shooting Stars’ and activate its Spark Shower. Sir Ly was then surrounded by 5 hungry, hungry Ghouls, while Vicross was protected for now in the Crypt of Ilmater.

Location - Graveyard of Ilmater
Location – Graveyard of Ilmater

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