Vicross & Sir Ly – Chapter Nine

8th Day of the Claw of winter (February): DAY FOUR

The Vampire Lair (3:15 am):

Sir Ly continues to fight with the Skeletal Warrior while Vicross looks about the chamber not knowing how close they are to the Vampire.

Blows are exchanges, two strikes from the Skeletal Warrior from his Scimitar and the rhythmic one then the two strikes of the Paladin.

Sir Ly defeats the Skeletal Warrior and it falls to the ground.

Vicross casts ‘Detect Magic’ and searches the room, while Sir Ly uses his Detect Evil in the area in front of closed, as yet unexplored, Bronzes Doors in the northern wall. Nothing can be found of either Magical or Evil nature in the Guard Room.

Vicross and Sir Ly elect to try the Bronze Doors, which is locked, and then for Vicross to cast his indispensable ‘Knock’ spell on said Bronze Door. The Doors is unlocked and Sir Ly goes to open the door.

Vicross: “Wait a minute there mighty Paladin, allow me to regain my composure for a minute before we enter.”

Sir Ly: “My mistake Wizard, I appear to be too egger to destroy that foulest of Evil which surely dwells beyond these Doors of Bronze.

Vicross opens the door and Sir Ly looks into the new chamber with the ‘Unseen Servant’ behind them both holding aloft the ‘Continual Light’ Sling Bullet. Sir Ly and Vicross look into the High Priests Tomb.

Past the large Double Bronze Doors is a 15’x15’ foot chamber. In the centre is a single large Ornate Sarcophagus, on a 3’ foot high raised dais with stairs leading up to it.

Once again Vicross looks about the chamber with his ‘Detect Magic’ spell and Sir Ly concentrates on the Sarcophagus. There is no Magic Radiating in the chamber, thought behind and inside the Sarcophagus is beyond the spells abilities and is blocked.

Vicross and Sir Ly move over to, and up onto the raises dais and search the area behind the Sarcophagus. Again, they find neither Magic nor Evil, yet their mouths are dry and heats pounding in their ears.

Vicross: “We must look inside the Sarcophagus Paladin and see if there is Evil is within

Sir Ly: “Agreed, but we both need to move the lid and will be at a disadvantage if attacked by a Vampire say.”

Vicross: “Then let us both slide the lid and restrict the aperture of any creatures, or Vampire, escape.”

Sir Ly: “Err, yes?”

Inside Vicross and Sir Ly find that the Sarcophagus is empty apart from some damp earth lying in the bottom. The ‘Unseen Servant’ stands holding the ‘Continual Light’ in the centre of the room.

Sir Ly: “By Saint Cuthbert this is no mere resting place of a noble Priest, it is the infernal home of a Vampire.”

Vicross and Sir Ly are suddenly aware why the Wererats made such a desperate effort to block the stairs downwards and that they will now need to concentrate more now that they are in the Vampire lair.

Vicross: “I have very little power left and we cannot stay and think to confront the creature; I have heard the tales of Count Strahd von Zarovich and what he did to the 7 of you.

Sir Ly: “We cannot just leave, we know where its resting place is and he may flee if we were to run away from our responsibilities.”

Vicross and Sir Ly discuss their next move and Vicross proposes to search for the monsters treasure.

Vicross: “I bet there must be something in here and it has apparent left.”

Sir Ly: “I will do as you suggest but my skill at finding hidden things is not the best. I will stand guard and search if you have no luck yourself Vicross.”

Vicross determine that there should be something of value hidden by the Vampire, begins searching the chamber. Immediately his initial look about the room allows the Wizard to spot some of the mists, swirling about the floor, look to be escaping through a seam or crack in the South-East wall of the High Priest Tomb.

Vicross moves over and easily find the Secret mechanism that opens the Secret Door. Sir Ly moves over and opens the Secret Door and Vicross stands by with his Magic in case it is needed. Inside the False Treasure Room the Heroes find the following.

Inside this small chamber are 3 Chests, the chamber is otherwise unadorned.

Vicross: “Sir Ly, go in and take a look at the chests of this Vampire.”

Sir Ly: “Should we not send in the ‘Unseen Servant’? It too can move and or open chest if need be.”

Vicross: “Of course, how forgetful of me.”

The ‘Unseen Servant’ is sent inside the chamber and opens the chests one by one.

The ‘Unseen Servant’ is made, by Vicross, to open the middle chest first. The chest is unlocked but is also not full and so Vicross is unable to see what is inside from the doorway where he’s standing. Vicross moves into the room and can see that there are Platinum Coins in the bottom of the chest.

Nest Vicross commands the ‘Unseen Servant’ to open the third, northern most chests, which is also unlocked and it releases a cloud of Magical Poisonous Gas which the Wizard is fast enough to cover his mouth and prevent its ill effects. The room however is full of gas and the Wizard needs to wait a while before he can check the last of the chests.

Standing further back than before, Vicross waves his hand over towards the last unopened chest and the ‘Unseen Servant’ moves over to open it. As a result of the last chest being opened a Heavy Stone Block drops before the doorway, sealing off the chamber. The Stone can only be lifted by a successful lift-gate which is attempted, and achieved successfully, by the brave and mightily Sir Ly.

Sir Ly: “Hurry Wizard there is no one covering our backs and I cannot hold this up all day.”

Vicross makes his way of the False Treasure Room making sure the ‘Unseen Servant’ follow up behind too.

Vicross: “That was not the real Treasure Room me thinks and we should search this High Priest Tomb before we move on.”

Vicross and Sir Ly both spend a while looking for more mist escaping the room and after searching the whole room they find no other signs.

Vicross: “How this can be? The first Treasure Room was so very easy to find and open, as were the chests inside that were trapped……Ah.”

Vicross insists that they both search the High Priest Tomb specifically for Secret Doors. Again, being humans and not thieves, meant that they both had only a small chance to find such Secret Door, but still it was a chance. Vicross is unsuccessfully in his attempts, feels there is nothing more to find and curses the Vampire and its games.

Sir Ly: “Wait just one moment Wizard; I do believe that Saint Cuthbert has not abandoned me. Look here it is another Secret Door on the opposite wall the False Treasure Room in the High Priest Tomb.

Vicross, the Wizard, employs the ‘Unseen Servant’, bright and radiant ‘Continual Light’ in hand, once more to open the Secret Door while our Heroes stand ready. Inside the Treasure Room is as follows:

This small room contains 2 Large Wooden Chests and the Chests are both Unlocked.

The ‘Unseen Servant’ is directed to open the northern most chest first and inside, from the doorway, both of the Heroes can see that it is full of Furs.

The ‘Unseen Servant’ performs the same operation on the southern chest and inside there are many Silver, Gold and Platinum coins.

Vicross: “I expected more than this.”

Vicross and Sir Ly move into the Treasure Room and Vicross finds a Medium Shield hidden among the Furs.

Vicross: “I think that we should now check the Guard Room, where the Skeletal Warrior was, for more Secret Doors.”

Sir Ly: “I will do as you ask.”

The Vampire Lair (4:10 am):

Vicross and Sir Ly move back into the Guard Room and each begin to search the North and North-West wall respectively.

It is at that point that the bar, placed back on the door by Vicross, is heard to fall to the ground and the mewing and moaning sounds of creatures are heard rushing down the slopped passage towards them.

Sir Ly: “The faint pounding that I heard earlier, it was the creatures that assault us now.”

By the all-encompassing bright radiance of the ‘Unseen Servants’ held ‘Continual Light’ Sling Bullet, Vicross and Sir Ly can see several Ghouls enter the Guard Room and corner our Heroes.

Sir Ly: “By Saint Cuthbert I fight, fight and fight again.”

Vicross: “I need to use the ‘Wand of Illumination’ again; I feel this is the Vampires plan all along.”

Monster - Vampire
Monster – Vampire

Vicross uses another 3 charges from his ‘Wand of Illumination’ knowing now that he only has 6 charges left.

All of the Ghouls are dispatched and lie burning on the floor, there flesh smouldering.

Sir Ly: “Onwards we have the advantage and his minions lie dead before us.”

Vicross: “I am still unsure that we can triumph and feel the creature has the advantage.

Sir Ly: “We must stay, for Saint Cuthbert, for the lives of those folk that cannot defend themselves.”

The Vampire Lair (4:15 am):

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