0: Prelude

28th October 1924
Havana, Cuba. A Little R n R.
Havana, Cuba. A Little R n R.

Havana, Cuba:

06:56 AM:

The adventure of “The Thing On The Roof” was over for Greg and Honduras just a distant memory to us all now. The group were all fighting our own devils and the time spent in Havana would go a long way to making my boys fit again. Greg too.

Casualties were a minimum and our only concerns were Trent and Curtiss, who had both been through the grinder.

Greg: “Going back home will be interesting.”

Lets just hope we can stay in the U.S.A for a while.

30th October 1924
The Boys And Gal Are Back In Town
The Boys And Gal Are Back In Town

New York City, U.S.A:

09:41 AM:

We finally return to New York after some well-earned R&R taken in Havana.

It was almost as if we were afraid to come home and find out what New York had in store for us, we preferred to stay abroad for a few weeks in a town where hooch was legal and we weren’t known and couldn’t get in to any trouble.

Yet even there not all of us could relax. Greg ran up a hefty bill with both the local telegram agency and the Hotel telephone service booking international calls and sending numerous telegrams often more than twice a day, between himself and New York and Miskatonic Universities.

When news of the Earthquake was reported in the International edition of the Times Greg sent even more messages, but at least with this the responses he received from the Universidad di Havana Geological Institute put him at some ease.

He spent his time caring for Curtiss who was very withdrawn and seemed in a perpetual state of shock ever since Trixie had “Cured” him.

For the others life in Havana was a much needed break and they all took advantage of the chance to relax and unwind after their arduous trip to Honduras. Wesley was remarkably well and seemed fully recovered from his infestation. After the first few days even Mosquito bites failed to bother him and he was very much himself again.

It was agreed to return to the Big Apple with short hops via Miami, Jacksonville, and Norfolk before finally touching down at our berth in New York.

31st October 1924
Joe Out Shopping
Joe Out Shopping

Back In New York City:

09:07 AM:

Even Curtiss seemed a little more himself and said he needed to give the engines a complete overhaul after their long journey.

He may be quiet and withdrawn but there’s no doubting his mechanical abilities and Greg was happy to let him bury himself in his work while the good doctor set about contacting just about every observatory in New England.

Greg also busied himself with Lucy Marijner setting up a bursary and trust fund and enrolled her in Harvard University where she was to study Psychology and General Sciences.

Irma sent his report to Mr Hurst.

Training Continues:

A silent thanks from Uncle Sam’s military over their ‘police action’ in the banana republic was the most that could be expected from the completely bland and controversy-free report.

Gaidar was also pleased to see his police issue Harley Davidson, with side car and additional armour plating, had finally been delivered. Although heavier than civilian models it still boasted a top speed of 97mph.

Joseph and the now recovered yet subdued Trent tracked down a gunsmith and ordered a supply of custom ammo for the Greener Far-Killer and M16 rifles we had obtained in our recent travels. Several boxes of ammunition were also procured for the large caliber hunting rifles used so effectively by Wesley and Simon and also numerous drums of Tommy gun ammunition. 30 and 50 round drums were preferred to 100 round ones as the latter were more prone to jam and added a lot of extra weight to the gun. 20 extra magazines were also bought for the BAR.

If Nielsen the Gunsmith raised his eyebrows at the quantity of supplies ordered he was happily kept silent. When Trent generously overpaid and promised more orders of a similar size coming if these transactions were kept confidential. Some custom .45 solid silver shells were also bought.

There are 30 such bullets.

Machine gun ammunition was bought. As Greg was still a landowner, eighteen separate orders of dynamite were bought in the course of a week.

Greg did so in between arguing with tutors, finding student accommodation and star gazing.

2nd November 1924
St Niklaas Church in Manhattan
St Niklaas Church in Manhattan

06:00 AM:

Father Van der Linde was returned to St Niklaas church in Manhattan and Gibson was to be her ward. Greg bought Gibson an apartment near the Church as Gibson had become friendly with the priest during their rehabilitation. He would also be nearby if Lucy needed anything from him during her time at Harvard.

We never knew how rich Greg was, but he must be running low now having been so lavish. For a misanthrope and misogynist he was certainly making sure everyone who had suffered indirectly through our recent actions, were taken care of.

Greg was even heard to be arranging funding for Janey and her beau to remain in Europe for another year as they sought the best treatment after her disfigurement.

10th November 1924
Learning More Spells
Learning More Spells

07:36 AM:

Simon Grand busied himself in esoteric studies and read “The Holy mysteries Of The Great Return”. A book seized from The Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight and reserved only for its most senior devotees. On completing his studies he learned the spell “CLOUD MEMORY.” He is yet to learn “IMPLANT FEAR” and “CALL/DISMISS YOG-SOTHOTH” from the same text.

Curtiss continued to busy himself with the plane.

Trent had to sign several invoices for shipments of motor parts fuel and electrical equipment. He was certainly on a mission.

Trent is a changed man, no longer the brash “Pro from Dover” he was much more introvert and quiet. He took a lot of interest in Janey’s recuperation. While not on speaking terms still used his detective abilities to check up on her. Trent reassured himself she was getting the best possible care and never short of funding. He only came out of his shell at the firing range and when running around Central park. He now did every morning.

Joseph couldn’t be done with all this nannying and book study. So he went back to his bootlegging operation. He made sure everybody stayed loyal and that the business didn’t slide. He even took a case that Trent had overlooked. Seems like the only guy in the group with a business acumen is Joseph. This is why we should always leave it to the Irish to get the jobs done.

However, when Joseph heard of a spell that could help him with the blarney and aid in business negotiations. He went back to the classroom and suffered Greg to teach him and Trent “VOICE OF RA”.

Learning Spells:

14th November 1924
The Spell Voice Of RA
The Spell Voice Of RA

10:00 AM:

Trixie had had quite enough of aviation and studying really wasn’t her thing. She just went out and partied the nights away. Trixi was glad to be financially independent and free to enjoy the great metropolis. Trixie, hearing that Donelly was at class Trixie got interested and sat in with Irma, both also learning “VOICE OF RA”. The perfect spell for any grifter or avid news hound.





15th November 1924
Dust of Suleiman
Dust of Suleiman

07:11 AM:

Wesley studied also and completed his reading of the English translation of the Necronomicon derived from the Jack Dee version. From it he learned “Dust of Suleiman”.

“Dust of Suleiman” is created from the dust of 2000 year old mummies. It can be thrown over summoned creatures to cause 1d20 damage. The dust can’t be used in a cartridge as the ignition would burn most of it away. It could be put in a bug sprayer or similar delivery system.

The following spells are also contained within its blasphemous pages and yet to be learnt:








VOORISH SIGN – Used to enhance some other summoning spells:

POWDER OF IBN GHAZI: – Used to see invisible creatures.

In addition being a doctor he learned the healing spell from Greg. This ensures the recipient of the spell heals the maximum amount possible, 3 hit points from natural healing. 6 hit points from first aid, 9 hit points from hospitalisation.

It can take us a week or more for the treatment to be completed.

24th December 1924
Gaidar Is Wrapping All Our Presents
Gaidar Is Wrapping All Our Presents


06:00 AM:

A quiet Christmas and New Year followed, with the only excitement being Greg. Dr Gaidar nearly got banned from Harvard after threatening a lectured. They had the temerity to give Lucy her first “B” for a mid-term paper.

He then with last of his money, imports a 1924 2 Seater Bentley Hawkeye special from the factory in England. Capable of 110 MPH it was the winner of Le Mans and one of the fastest cars in production. If a little obtrusive.

Yegor Gaidar


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