The Final Battle – Chapter Twenty Four

Final Battle With Kelthas The Dread – Chapter Twenty Four

2nd Day Of The Deepwinter (January):

Level 4 - Fountains - Kelthas The Dread
Level 4 – Fountains

The Final Meeting With Kelthas The Dread:

Kelthas The Dread is somewhere in Runedardath.

Once the seat of power of the stout folk and Shield Dwarves in the Forlorn Hills and Delimbyr Vale, Runedardath in Mount Ilefarn has been abandoned since The Year of the Black Horde (1235 DR).

During this time the largest Orc horde in History massed in the North and swept down the Delimibyr and Dessarin River Valleys. One small Battle in this larger wave of slaughter unfolded in the waning days of Uktar, when a large Orc Army attacked the Massive Doors of Runedardath, in hopes of seizing the riches held within. The Stout Folk beneath Mount Illefarn, having long abandoned any pretense of alliance with their Non-Dwarven neighbors, were forced to defend their halls without any outside aid. Although the Dwarves eventually prevailed, they were forced to Cave-in the Main Entrance as a result of the last-ditch defense of the complex and Arcrown (King) Devin Ironaxe of Dardath, the last in the long line of Dardath’s rulers, was buried with few companions facing down a horde of bloodthirsty orcs.

With their numbers dwindling and no way to gain entry to their Ancestral Home, the remaining Shield Dwarves of the Sword Hills relocated to the surrounding areas, many settling into the Forlorn Hills, the Daggerford Area, and even Waterdeep.

One year ago, three years after the Death of Thoss Fyurnen, Korin Ironaxe, younger brother of Derval and Dervin, and his Kin planned a return to Mount Illefarn to reclaim the hold of their Ancestors. Although he had long been haunted by the decision of his Clan to abandon their Ancestral Clanhold, Korin Ironaxe’s action was precipitated by a vision revealed to him by Dumathoin, Dwarven Deity of Mining, Underground Exploration, and Shield Dwarves, Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain. That vision depicted the Crown of Daurvos dissolving amidst a fountain of Bilious Acid that then spread into the surrounding lands. Korin Ironaxe mustered up a small band of Stout Folk (including both Shield Dwarves and an Azerblood) from Waterdeep and the Forlorn Hills to retake the Halls of Runedardath, but has not been heard from.

God - Dumathoin Dwarf
God – Dumathoin Dwarf

To Be Continued…….

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