23: Planning for Gray Dragon Island

17th April 1925

Side Ho Fongs Boat 01
Ho Fong’s Boat

Shanghai, China:

17:00 PM:

We retrieve as much of our stuff as we can. Hotel gunfight headline news.

Someone is dragged into the building. A spy? They have a gun to his head. Brady: “He’s a spy and we have to kill him.”

Gaidar: “No he’s our friend.”

Captain Taro: “I am Captain Taro Isoge of the Japanese Imperial Navy!”

Gaidar: “We need your help.”

Gaidar: “We know they are in the service of the commintern and are building a weapon on their Island. You are fighting against them? We need to know if they are a threat!”

Captain Taro: “We became alerted to them after they ordered something from Japan – a very fast ship. Strange electrical parts.”

Irma: “We think they are building a gun or a vessel?”

Captain Taro: “A super jet boat?”

Captain Taro: “It is a possibility we could attack the island but we need more intelligence.”

Brady: “I can tell the difference between the Japanese and the Chinese. If we’re compromised this will destroy us. It will destroy everyone. The fate of the world is at stake here.”

After learning the full gravity of the threat, Isoge agrees to help and promises to return after requesting Imperial Japanese Navy support for the assault on Gray Dragon Island.

We learn martial arts, Greg demolition. And plan our attack on Dragon Island. Travel light, lots of ammo. Kill them and do the Ritual of Light and Darkness.

Shanghai experiences a heavy typhoon.

Isoge returns. “If you are mounting a raid, I would like to come with you. I need proof. But we can coordinate a naval bombardment of the island.”

24th April 1925

Battle Training
Battle Training

10:00 AM:

The Eye of Light and Darkness: Weakens agents and servants from beyond. Major chanting required and all enemies expunged plus “blood of an innocent”

We plan to leave at 4am on Monday the 26th April 1925. The Japanese Navy will bombard the island beforehand.

Following training

Group A: Fighting force

Joe Irma Trent Gupta Isoge

Group B: Back up

Wesley Trixie Simon Gaidar

Group C: The Brady Bunch

Jack and Firm Action

28th April 1925

Sailing To Gray Dragon Island
Sailing To Gray Dragon Island

Landing on Gray Dragon Island:

04:00 AM

Brady: “I don’t need to tell you how important this is. We are all expendable.”

The boat switches its engine off before we think they will be able to hear us. On the horizon we can see some lights.

Joe pilots one of the rowing boats but crashes it into the back of the Dark Mistress bang (00). Someone on the boat is alerted and ambles to the back of the boat. Gutteral Mandarin. Repulsive slit-eyed guy with webbed hands – shot in the head by Trent after Irma misses. Isoge makes more noise with his sword. Two groups are boarding at the fore and aft of the ship. Gupta gets behind the door as a hybrid deep one comes out, Joe and Gupta shoot him dead with silenced pistols.

Isoge goes in through the door afterwards. Joe and Gupta follow.

Very posh boat. We quietly and cautiously search through the boat. Upstairs Irma and Trent meet a deep one crew member. He looks sickly and unwell. Nose eaten away and patches of discolouration. Radiation poisoning?

When Wesley gets there he confirms this.

40 knots max speed for the boat!!! Crazy for the time. It must be nuclear powered.

Gupta shoots one coming up the stairs. Isoge and Joe arrive and proceed down the stairs…

Journal Wesley

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