24: Gray Dragon Island Continued

28th April 1925

Japanese Naval Bombardment
Japanese Naval Bombardment

Gray Dragon Island, China:

04:16 AM:

There is another junk moored nearby. Who could it be?? It is dark and difficult to see anything with any certainty but we don’t think it is Ho Fong’s boat. Simon hears someone coming up the stairs… Talking Chinese…

Greg knocks over a pan (!!!!) and alerts the guard! Greg knocks him down and another follows up in his dressing gown who attacks Simon. Simon takes him out.

He’s a hybrid human/fish-man and falls back into the part of the boat we haven’t been in yet. Gupta takes the lead while the other reload etc. The hybrid is still alive – just – Gupta chloroforms him. There are squalid sleeping rooms down here. Are all of the hybrids accounted for?

Upstairs: Irma sees lots of sacks on the pier. Wesley sees that someone is smoking a cigarette there…

Gupta and Simon see lead painted to look like iron and within a pale green emanation: Uranium?!? We head back upstairs, uneasy at what we have seen…

Wesley and Isoge go back down to the engine room: Alien? From the future? This is some weird shit. We leave the boat after Irma removes essential engine control incapacitating the ship. We all leave the nuclear boat and head to the junk to await the Japanese naval bombardment.

Greg Simon Trixie Wes on boat one.

Joe Trent Gupta Irma Isoge on boat 2.

At the back of the junk are the cabins. Below there is a lot of rice strewn around on the deck. This junk is supplying food to the island?

They are probably reinforcing… There is an empty box on the deck. We think it probably held the mist projector!!!

Joe goes below deck, Gupta follows. A nice bedroom plus a room with dried blood all over the place… Sacrifice? Torture? A tank containing a lion fish is also there. Otherwise there is no one else on the boat. Irma disables the junk. 15 minutes to bombardment…

We head to the cover of the cliffs on the island. We meet firm action and Brady who warn us about sentries.

Brady: “This is not going to be easy.”

Most of us switch to heavy weapons (Thompsons etc.). Couple of minutes to bombardment. Brady is calm. Some of firm action are nervous. The bombardment begins…


First barrage begins: It hits in the middle of the island.

Second barrage: Not sure where it lands.

Third barrage: Somewhere on the island.

Fourth barrage: Lands in the sea…

Brady’s team splits up into different groups with different objectives.

Brady: “See you in hell gentlemen.”

We decide to stick together as 8 investigators plus Isoge. We form up according to weapon types with long range weapons at the back, and melee weapons at the front. We can see the volcano. There is some commotion on the island. Signal drums. Some gunfire.

There are some enormous crabs that live on the island. We hear Thompson submachine gun fire. Brady has engaged. Trent falls into a trench! Cultists are in there! Trent fires a flare and blinds one of them! Another attacks him with his sickle! Gupta is well positioned to use his Thompson and guns down two of Trent’s attackers. Trent is hit by the one that is right on him, draws his .45 and shoots him in the head. A shot hits a tree next to Gupta, someone aiming at his muzzle flash! Drop into the trench and Joe returns fire with the BAR taking whoever it was down…

We advance. Wesley and Greg hear people approaching through the jungle. Wesley is taken by surprise by 3 of them who creep up right next to him but haven’t seen him!!! He wipes them out with the M16. Firing 11 bullets leaving 21 on the clip.

All except Wes and Greg drop into the trench. Simon hears a bolt action rifle. They appear to be sharing a rifle… Oh dear, poorly equipped. Bad for them. Good for us…

Isoge: “Banzai!!!”

He attacks with his sword cultists in another trench! Irma joins in. Gupta and Joe are nearby… Irma shoots one in the trench. Wesley sees that there is a large fire burning nearby. A result of the bombardment? Irma finishes off the last one in the trench.

Wesley sees that something is burning out at sea. The luxuriant goddess is burning. Explosions can be heard from the village. Meanwhile a cultist with a mauser bolt action rifle sneaks up between Simon and Wesley. He hasn’t seen them and Simon takes him down with a suppressed pistol.

The group has got a bit spread out. It is dark. We attempt to regroup. We are about half a mile into the forest and then there is an exposed area on the volcano. Another half a mile to the exposed area.

Gaidar hears someone nearby. It is Wes and Simon.

Simon: “FISH!”

Gaidar: “SPANNERS!”

Gupta and the lead investigators hear mandarin speakers coming. Lots of them! With lights. One of them rushes Joe and throws his lantern at him! We think there are more behind them. They are just trying to draw us out. And there are more of them. Some with rifles.

Gupta shoots one of the men with lanterns and annihilates him. They are shooting at us but missing us. They are advancing and trying to get the lanterns to us so our position is illuminated. New round. They are trying to flank us. Trixie shoots and kills one of the cultists charging us. Gupta kills another at point blank range who charges him… Isoge is attacked by another, but he almost cuts him in half with his samurai sword!

Trent shoots 2 flanking us and Wesley takes another 2, clip now down to 15.

Trix suddenly whispers: “Incoming!”

More attack from the other side where Joe is. Rushing in. Greg tries to hit the ones that are right on Joe. He kills two of them. Joe returns the favour to Greg and takes out the one attacking him! Simon’s elephant gun jams! There are now about 20 bodies around us. We have to move. Isoge wants to stick with Irma, mistaking him for the intelligence officer with a camera…

We are moving and sneaking. Trixie makes some noise, people in the jungle start to move towards her location. She shoots a guy right next to her. Then everything goes quiet.

Suddenly there is a crashing noise through the undergrowth. More cultists charging us. They are quickly dispatched. We can hear more gunfire. Tommy gun? Maybe Jack?

We also hear a horrible scream of pain. And a flickering, dispersed light somewhere nearby…

We form a skirmish line and advance slowly. Lights ahead that have been set to illuminate anyone trying to get through. Irma and Joe let off some smoke grenades to cover us. A rifle shot rings out. More in hope than in anger. We think there is a cave entrance up ahead. Gupta spots a body lying near to the possible entrance. Gupta gets a grenade out while the others move forward through the smoke to put out the lanterns.

Gupta throws his grenade and it explodes. Any effect? He doesn’t know. Up front the others are crawling as gunfire opens up. Thanks to the smoke no one is hit but a bullet bounces off Irma’s helmet!!! dry kindling on the ground is loud to walk on alerting them…

Simon throws a grenade towards where the gunfire is coming from. (round 8). The smoke is thinning and there are trenches up ahead where the gunfire came from. Round 9 the smoke is almost gone. Trixie and Gupta can see Firm Action – they used the mist projector on them!!! Body frozen! A grenade goes off!!!

Trent throws a grenade into the trench. It kills four of them, some are injured and try to shoot Trent as he attempts to storm the trench. Someone fires the mist projector! The guy is wearing a hat and a dressing gown! European. Who the f£$k? Irma jumps over the trench and Joe shoots him but he’s not down.

Joe: “Arrgh damn it!”

Irma: “Come on!”

Can be heard from the cultists…

We join up with Brady!

Now we are at the cave entrance. Trent throws a grenade and almost kills Brady but luckily he is shielded by the cave entrance from the shrapnel…

Journal Wesley

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