25: Monsters of Gray Dragon Island

28th April 1925

When The Shoggoth Attacks
When The Shoggoth Attacks

China, Gray Dragon Island:

04:41 AM:

There is damage and carnage within the cave entrance as the party rushes in. Cultists come rushing out. Joe fires his BAR and takes one out but there are more and they are close. Brady fires too. Unfortunately he hits Joe for one point of damage. Irma finishes him off.

We can hear more noise inside. Heading in we see bodies strewn across the floor of the tunnel, illuminated by a single oil lantern. There are tow guys still standing in here, but they are injured. As with all good cultists, they are ready to fight to the death.

Irma and Trent take them down.

Brady says: “Did you hear that?”

Mortar fire is being directed into the sea! Are they being attacked by Deep Ones?

Something rushes through the undergrowth… One of the Firm Action group arrives – he’s injured and dazed… Gaidar sees that he has been given morphine. Lots of it. We head in, wasting no time.

Trent can hear footsteps running, not sure what direction.

We can hear “get out of my way! Rack off!”

There is a weak light source further ahead. We all move into the tunnel Greg at the rear. The Japanese guy Isoge, is taking pictures.

Next round: Further in it is darker. The tunnel gets wider. Ahead of us we can hear noise. Wesley fires a flare and illuminates two riflemen waiting to ambush us. Gupta guns them both down with the Tommy gun. (7 shots from Gupta). There are more waiting round the corner – Irma throws a grenade. Some screams are heard. We rush forward, in skin of sedefkar formation…

More charge us, the survivors from the grenade and together with our Firm Action colleagues we open fire on them. Irma uses his trench gun to blast one of them, Trent uses his and takes out another. Gupta shoots two more, and Joe takes out the rest. We continue. Firm Action are gung-ho and ready to go at the front, round the bend in the tunnel.

A familiar sight greets us from round the corner, the mist projector. Lee takes 5 points of damage! The others who would be caught in the blast are able to dodge. Gupta, Lee and Brady hit the Antipodean and obliterate him.

A guy in outdoor gear jumps out and waves at Brady. Brady makes his resistance roll. Brady fires back: And splatters him. A white guy in battered clothes. Both Caucasians are now dead. Gupta grabs the mist projector. The guy is wearing a dressing gown and boots on the wrong feet. He has a revolver tucked in his pocket. The spell caster was more ready, but the other guy obviously was rudely awakened from his sleep.

“Gupta’s good with the mist projector!”


We can hear movement, and talking and singing… Bad Chinese chanting singing. Oh dear. Brady: “It’s like a language I don’t understand?”

“Fish men?”

Gaidar pats the spell caster down he has Chinese, Hong Kong and Australian money on him plus a notebook.

The tunnel winds down and there is a strange orange glow ahead. There is condensation dripping from the ceiling.

Lee, at Irma’s prompt, shouts down the tunnel in Mandarin:

“We killed the invaders!”

There is a reply in Chinese and then some movement. “He wants a code word: Here’s my code word!” Brady fires a volley down the tunnel. We rush forwards.

Gupta sneaks forward… The others follow up taking point. Jack Brady makes noise. We continue. Around the corner, Trixie and Gupta see a vast volcanic opening! There is a rocket. A vast open chamber in the centre a huge magma pool. The rocket is suspended above it. The metal shimmers in a colour we have no name for. There are white hot pipes hanging down from the rocket… Lots of gangways etc. At the top of the gantry there is movement and there is a large group of figures chanting right in the distance at the far end of the cavern.

Brady: “What the fuck are we waiting for?”

Singh: “Let’s take this bloody thing down.”

We have never seen anything like this before. The cavern is illuminated by the magma and the floor is littered with boxes of spare parts etc. There is a massive idol that is being chanted to. There is also a pool of bubbling noxious water with Deep Ones around it. There are also people being held as slaves or possibly for sacrificing. At the top of the gantry there is a steel welded box with a slit in it and some figures behind it.

The gantry is about 150’ high but there is no opening above? How the hell is it supposed to get out. IT MAKES NO SENSE!

From behind the box a shot hits Lee and dissolves him. A guy in welding glasses tries to blast Gupta but misses. Gupta shoots back and kills him (4 shots)! Brady is shooting at the metal box with a slit in it. Bullets ping off it. Trixie shoots another welding guy. A croaky shout can be heard. Irma throws a grenade at the Deep Ones near the noxious pool who are remaining where they are. The others are charging towards us. Irma’s grenade wreaks havoc amongst the Deep Ones taking out four of the 6 of them. Trent’s grenade lands in amongst the other group, taking down the front two of four.

A Shoggoth appears from the bubbling pool. Gupta fails his SAN. Brady fails. Those who make it lose 1-6 SAN. Those who fail lose 1-20!!! Trixie realizes what it is and is screaming in terror. Irma is also not doing too good…


Trent gets his zippo out and works in tandem with Greg to throw dynamite. Gupta spots a Deep One spell caster in the shadows. He ducks into cover when he realizes he has been seen. Gupta gets ready to throw a grenade. Brady’s 20 shots splat into the SHoggoth causing pain. Wesley shoots one through the slit in the box and lightning slices up! Simon Grand’s weapon jams. Greg hands over the dynamite to Trent and then uses the sceptre and the ankh to do Fist of Yog Sothoth on the dynamite to get range on it.

Wesley and Brady fire into the SHoggoth that is coming towards us. It is getting hurt and angry. Gupta throws a grenade and kills the Deep One that is controlling the Shoggoth – it suddenly doesn’t know who to attack first!

Trent throws the dynamite at the Shoggoth, not very accurate, but he doesn’t need to be. Lots of damage while Greg also does Fist of Yog Sothoth – full power – on it. Little effect in the end, sadly. The Shoggoth continues to approach. But the rocket is still in the blast radius and one of the white hot pipes collapses into the magma. A gantry collapses and there is a scream. The Shoggoth retreats into the water!

Lucky for Jack Brady who was about to be killed by it…

Simon’s dynamite is directed at the rocket, another guy falls off the gantry and dies, the metal box collapsing with the other body in it. The remaining Deep Ones jump into the pool and flee.


Irma: “They’ve got Natalya! Come on Jack we’ve got to rescue her!”

Jack: “We have to kill them all! For fucking Roger! And everyone else!!! Ho Fong? I’m gonna beat you to rats!”

Trixie is cowering and crying into her hands. Isoge commits Hare Kiri.


Jack is still firing bullets into the pool.

Joe: “There are still more of them Brady!”

Greg Screams: “Get Penhew!”

The rocket is leaning dangerously, and sparks are flying out of it. Beyond the rocket the crowd of chanting figures turn to face us, waving their sickles. They form a human shield to prevent us getting to whoever is commanding them.

Wesley pulls out the Ankh and Sceptre to do Fist of Yog Sothoth. Meanwhile, Deep Ones start coming out of the other dark pool. Trent shoots with an M16 and hits two of them.


Wesley’s Fist of Yog Sothoth sends one of the cultists flying in to the spell casting cultists interrupting them. It sends them flying like skittles and reveals the huge idol of the bloated woman. Simon fires and hits some of them.

Greg switches to trench gun.


The last two remaining Deep Ones attack.

The Shoggoth reappears and kills Brady as he fires into it. He suffers a horrifying death. Like a wood chipper and a steamroller. Irma hurls his spear into it, after just regaining his sanity… Gupta fires 20 shots into the Shoggoth AND KILLS IT!!! It dissolves into the magma!

Gupta: “That was for poor bloody JACK!”

One of the wings drops off the rocket into the magma.

Simon fires Trixie’s M16 into the Deep Ones. Greg takes out one of them. Wes fires ten shots at the spell caster: HE IS DEAD.

The Shoggoth took out one of the struts supporting the rocket and it begins to collapse.

Simon shoots into the crowd of cultists protecting the idol. Trent fires his trench gun into the crowd and it clouds, causing serious injuries to two of them. Greg shoots and wipes out four of them in a devastating volley. Some of us are shooting the same ones. It is horrific, as they fearlessly use their bodies to protect the idol. Wesley fires and hits four of them. We have no choice but it is bloody work.


Grenades are thrown. Irma chucks one close to the idol, Joe too. CARNAGE. Several dull thuds and a horrific rending screaming sound. The song stops for a moment and the last of them jump onto the idol and continue with the insane chanting. Bullets rip into the survivors. It is a mess. Wesley shoots two of the injured strugglers. Irma fires his trench gun into the survivors on the other side. Gupta fires his tommy gun. There are now only two badly injured cultists standing. They put their bloody hands on the idol.


Gupta finishes off the last of the despairing cultists. It would appear that their capricious god has renounced them.

Penhew: “You think this will change anything? How dare you? This changes nothing! You know nothing.”

Trent: “Come out Penhew.”

Trixie has stopped whimpering. She sees Inoge who has committed Hare Kari saying “kill me”.

Penhew: “You think I am some kind of fool!”

The large steel door begins to close. Probably the launch space for the rocket. Joe throws a knife at the door as it shuts and blocks it! Joe, Irma and Gupta run over towards the door to block it. Someone runs to intercept and throws a sickle at Joe.

Joe’s gun jams! Again!

Irma fires trench gun through the door, an English voice screams: “Arrrghh!”


Whoever it is behind the door casts Fist of Yog Sothoth. But can’t because he doesn’t have line of sight. Gupta puts the nozzle of the Mist gun and fires it through the gap!!! Metal objects crash and pots etc.

Gupta, Irma and Joe try to open the door, Trent arrives and helps. We just about get it open! Inside appears to be the biggest single collection of Egyptian archaeological stuff. Penhew appears to be about 20 years old. Is dressed as a pharaoh, an upside down ankh. There is also a throne.

Ho Fong is among the dead around the idol. The two doors are very heavy, there is a strange clicking mechanism. The place is lined with lead indicating radioactive materials. Penhew has a revolver. There is another chamber beyond . Wesley goes into the workshop behind the lead doors. There is a table full of plans and blueprints.

The blueprints are in an alien language. Yithian?

What the hell are the great race doing here?

Suddenly, we hear shooting outside and then bestial screaming! There is something nasty out there… So we lock ourselves in our respective rooms.

Donelly, Trent, Simon and Gupta see the injured Bloated Woman outside! And we go temporarily insane.

Gupta is screaming!!!!

Trent runs away!

Donelly is shooting at it! And hits it straight in the face blowing out a load of its teeth!!!! Using papal bullets.

Then the death ray. No effect.

A tentacle lashes out at Trent.

“Let us embrace for all the women I have killed!” She grabs him and starts to suck his brain out in an insane kiss.

Trent has lit dynamite…

Joe shoots again.

Trent’s dynamite explodes. 49 points of damage. A massive explosion. It destroys the door and Trent and the Bloated woman are scattered everywhere.


Joe jumps up to shoot but whatever was left began to burrow down through the rock.

Joe runs off searching for cultists to kill.

Trent destroyed it but not for long, sadly. It will be back.

Trixie runs round and joins us.

Journal Wesley

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