The Fixer From Boston – Introduction

The Fixer From Boston – Introduction

Saturday 28th March 1925 – Boston, Massachusetts:

Introduction to the characters and their adventure begining in Boston:

Brendan “The Fox” Magee

He’s been running a group of fixers for 2 years. Your group primarily functions as additional help in various mob activities. You have used additional people but at the core of your crew are the following three men:

Billy “The Accountant” Macnifey

Initially mistrusted due to a background in law enforcement but went on to become a trusted team member.  Shrewd and cunning. Uses his skills as a PI to really question people when other mobsters would just torture them.

Vincenzo “The Ghost” Morello

Ex-con with a gift for getting into places. Big hit with the ladies as despite doing time, he’s kept his good looks. If a frail needs to be checked out, he’s your man.

Ed Berkeley

Little bit more of an ivy leaguer than the others. However he has a temper with a nasty vindictive side. Acts as the muscle, so if there’s any shooting to be done, he’s first in line. If rumours are true, Berkeley may also have done some hits on the side.

It’s a small, tight bunch known for getting the job done.

Saturday 28th March 1925 – Boston, Massachusetts:

Then yesterday, Brendan got a call from Charles “King” Solomon. He’s the biggest mobster in Boston. He has a job for you.

Brendan and the crew put on their Sunday best and headed to the picturesque Beacon Hill area of Boston just north of Boston Common.

“The King” had a town house there. Describing it as a town house was pretty modest, if it was, then the King of England also lived in one.

Clearly he was doing well. As the biggest boss in the city you’d expect that. 6 years of the Volstead Act had allowed him to prosper. But he was into everything:  booze, narcotics, numbers, racketeering, prostitution. The King wasn’t choosy. All about the money.

They were frisked at the entrance hall by half a dozen goons before a butler took them to a drawing room immaculately decorated.

Behind a desk sat a smallish man in his early 40’s with slightly thinning grey hair. Impeccably mannered he put the guys at ease offering them all the finest Havana cigars with an excellent Armagnac.

The Job

Charles “King” Solomo: “Gentlemen, I know your reputation for getting results without leaving loose ends and that’s exactly what I need. A very large shipment of alcohol has gone missing along with my lieutenant Joseph Linsey and his right hand man, Hyman Abrams. I need you to find them.”

“Let me start at the beginning.”

“I’m opening the Cocoanut Club, the biggest club in Boston early next year. It’s my flagship place.”

“I want them to have the finest drink. Not mixed with juices or watered down but the best stuff. Hell, I’m even going to serve genuine beer there. Nobody, but nobody does that.”

“So I ordered 1,000 cases of their finest extra special reserve Whiskey from Seagram via their shipper Distillers Corporation in Montreal.”

“I also ordered 1,000 cases of Rum from the Havana Club Distillery S.A in Cuba.”

“Then I ordered 5,000 cases of Red and White wine from Bordeaux France.”

“With the land borders being watched both by competitors and Law enforcement, I wanted a safer way to ship the alcohol so I had it all three shipments delivered to St. Pierre, a small island off Newfoundland.”

St. Pierre 1920s
St. Pierre 1920s

“By a quirk of maritime law it’s not actually part of Canada or its territories, but a French dependency.”

“That means there’s none of the controls for exporting alcohol that there would be with a shipment out of Canada. The deliveries from Cuba and France are outside the jurisdiction of Canada and aren’t reported, whilst the Canadians assume the Whiskey is bound for Europe so they don’t care about it.”

“We use a local pilot, Raoul Demoulin to take the shipment into international waters, then my guy, Billy McCoy, up from Florida, brings it in past the coastguard cordons to Portland, Maine about 140 miles north of here on the coast road.”

Bill McCoy
Bill McCoy

Wild Bill (DA William Donovan) has got Boston sewn up tight at the moment but we have connections with the customs in Portland so we can land a lot of our stuff there. Also, as it’s out of town, none of my local rivals know about it so I shouldn’t have had any trouble.”

“Twelve days ago I received a telegram telling me that that all the deliveries had been made to St Pierre.”

Raoul Demoulin telegrammed me saying all my goods were in his bonded warehouse ready for shipping.”

“So I sent Joseph Linsey and Hyman Abrams over to St Pierre via a boat to Halifax.”

“They called me from Halifax to say they were on their way. That was Thursday 19th March 1925. Then nothing.”

“I trust Joseph Linsey; I’ve known him since I first came over here from Eastern Europe. He’s a good guy and he’s done all right by me. I really hope he’s not double crossed me but I need to know.”

Hyman Abrams is also stand-up, that’s why I sent him.”

“This Raoul Demoulin guy, he knows this is the start of something big. He can make a packet with regular deliveries, so if this one goes sweetly he’s set. Also he’s just a shipper, could he really take out my two best guys?”

Billy McCoy I know from way back. He was living a new life down in Florida after getting out of clink and I had to lean on him a little to get him back to do this shipment. But he’s very good; so good he’s the best pilot in New England.”

“He doesn’t like me but I know his sister. He pulls anything he’s gotta know that I can get to her.”

“Or was it Frank Wallace and the Gustin Gang from south Boston getting word of my deal.”

“Or Bernie “Dodo” Walsh, or those wops Joseph Lombardi or Philip Brucola.”

“Could it be an out of town outfit grabbing my booze for their operations in New York or Chicago?”

“Did the G-Men or Wild Bill get ‘em? My guys in Portland say not. They say it would have come out in despatches if a seizure that big has been made by the Government. Find out for me for sure.”

“Whatever it was I need to know exactly what happened. Have I been ripped off by my own guys, by my bootleggers, by a competitor? Was the shipment lost at sea? Did that rat bastard fed Wild Bill Donovan intercept my shipment?”

“It’s not the money, it’s my reputation. If I allow myself to get ripped off then everybody will try to take a piece of me. It could all fall down real fast.”

“Find out what happened to my guys. Find out who did it; find out where my booze is. If someone outside of my organisation stole from me, kill them, kill them all. But if one of my own stole from me, break them up a little, or a lot, but bring them back to me; alive.”

“You hearing me, Berkeley? Alive!”

“It pays a $1,000 a day. Split it amongst you, how you like and I’ll also pay any reasonable expenses.”

“I chose you because you’re not part of any organisation.”

“You call me here on my private number the moment you get anything.”

“No-one else. Not till I know.”

“If you do need any extra muscle I can give you Max and Louis Fox.”

“But I know you usually work alone.”

“Otherwise I’m leaving it to you gentlemen.”

Boston Street Map

Boston Street Map - 1920s
Boston Street Map – 1920s

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