31: Loving the Alien Yithian

16th May 1925 Yithian


Yithian City, Northern Territory, Australia:

Joe: “What do we want from the Yithian before we release it?”

He communicates with the Yithian Kakakakakatak telepathically.

Nyarlathotep has brought it back through time. Irma tries to use the Yithian communicator. It doesn’t work.

Donelly communicates with it again. The plan was to assist with a ritual to allow all of the Great Old Ones to come back. Similar to what was planned on Gray Dragon Island. Irma is able to get the Communicator working – there is a slight lag in the hologram because we are all occupying the same Space and Time.

“This bomb is the backup. The first was for the boat. The other was Gray Dragon Island. He was worried about interference I believe by you. Gavigan had warned him. I scanned his mind. He tried to force me to create a gate so that it could be simply pushed to the location. I have been working slowly on this and buy time to send my life-force to another timeline. (shown picture of Carlyle team). Mweru is in Africa. Hypatia Masters is to give birth to the spawn of Nyarlathotep on the same continent. Your existence on earth will be brief but I will not try to stop you extending it.”

Joe: “Where is the armoury?”

Kakakakakatak: “Release me and I will show you. Huston was here to find out about the Great Race. He was brilliant but deluded. The being is a representative of the Outer Gods. The combination 41637. I need to communicate with my race and I need your help. I will help you in return if I can. I have far greater knowledge than you can comprehend. Your ship is very crude. It is powered by Azatoth. It is dangerous to organic beings. I have to leave. You have until January 14th 1926 to stop their plan on the Sea of India. They intend to open a hole in spacetime. There are many humans working towards this aim. I am wary of the polyps they are intelligent and dangerous. Be wary of them.”

We realize that it is the generator powering the forcefield and there are circuit breakers which with the combination are disconnected. We follow the Yithian out into the corridor and then taps on a wall and takes out 3 lightning guns – fully charged.

Kakakakakatak: “Much of what motivates you is animal instinct and we have left this behind. Huston wanted power. It would not last.”

We continue and are instructed by the Yithian what to do.

Kakakakakatak: “Take this and bring it to my lab. Huston’s other followers left and took lightning guns: To kill you. Huston was also trying to create a master race. He was right about one thing: If humans are to survive you must discard sentiment. Only then can you do this without being overwhelmed.”

Wesley, Trixie and Donelly assist. The others go to release the “hatchlings”. The Yithian gives instructions on how to get there. Dodge, Irma, Gaidar and Simon have lightning guns.

Dodge: “If we survive will we develop this technology? As weapons? Can the league of nations forestall this?”

Irma: “You are naïve.”

Gaidar: “In France during the war it was all about death. Enough. Now we go to kill.”

There is the noise of a trolley coming from the HQ area… Irma hears it. It’s one of the cultists.

Irma: “Where’s Huston? Where’s the Doctor?”

Cultist: “He’s talking to the alien.”

Irma: “What happened, the alien? The invisible things?”

He’s wearing a miner’s helmet.

Cultist: “I’ve been line walking. You sure it wasn’t them? The ones we were warned about.”

Irma: “Nah, don’t think so mate. Now drop your weapons: Down on the ground! On your knees!”

Irma: “I’ve got a lightning gun: AND I KNOW HOW TO USE IT!”

We have the drop on him. Greg blasts him. It turns out he’s a sparky. Checking the lights and the genny.

He tries to convince us about the crazy plans of Huston and recruit us to his master race plan. Greg loses his patience and injects the injured cultist with a lethal dose of heroin.

Dodge: “Do we have the right to do this?”

Greg: “I just did. He is destroying the world.”

Irma: “You haven’t seen the things we’ve seen.”

Simon: “We do the groundwork for people like you.”

Dodge looks like a man who has lost hope.

We reach a huge pile of rubble. It will be difficult to climb across. It is also wobbly. Climb rolls all round.

Dodge falls and sprains his ankle. “Aargh!” Greg attends to him successfully.

Greg falls and sprains his ankle too. “Aargh!” Irma attends to him un-successfully.

We hear screams and cries of a baby coming from the pit on the other side of the rubble. There is something moving and alive down there. Gupta move ahead taking a lightning gun. He sees a horrid monstrosity in the pit 60’ deep and 200’ across. Tentacles instead of a face, monsters crossed with women. They want food. Horrifying. Gutpa goes back and tells the others what he has seen.

We decide to throw in dynamite and hope to maybe attract a polyp so that it can finish up the job. There is screaming and splattering as the sticks explode. We run off. We hear the pipes of a polyp. Climbing back across the rubble Greg stumbles and takes damage. We all go back to Kakakakakatak.

In the meantime the others have made a preliminary collection of equipment. Kakakakakakakatak shuts down for rest. We are also able to rest in Yithian sleeping quarters. We will need to get more supplies.

18th May 1925


Working in the Ancient City of the Yithians:

09:04 AM:

Gaidar, Irma, Gupta and Simon go to the surface to get supplies and get out of the unnerving alien city for some daylight. Irma sees the tell tale tracks of a polyp around our truck… We burn the bodies of the dead cultists. The tracks are not coming from the entrance but from somewhere else…

Wesley takes the communicator and the Yithian enlists him to help construct the atomic clock etc. while Trixie and Donolly help him with the more mundane aspects of the task.

Back on the surface, Gupta, Irma, Greg and Simon start to survey the area in search of other entrances/exits. The polyp seems to have come from the east by the escarpment. There is a cave with the tracks of a polyp around it. Now we know where it is coming from… And we know that it is probably aware of us.

Simon reads Huston’s 600 page raving bombastic ramblings. “Syzyrgy”. The master plan goes into more detail on what is expected to happen in the alien city. All is hand written and would take a few days to read at least. Downstairs the work goes on with much time taken up in the lab.

Kakakakakakakakakakakakakatak explains how he was trapped by Huston and brought to this time.

“He was brilliant for one of your species. He travelled through time and gained much knowledge. Nyarlathotep lay with Herpatia Masters, she is to give birth to the Spawn of Nyarlathotep who will lead the great ritual at the Mountain of the Black Wind.

It is the will of the Outer Gods. Yog Sothoth is the gate and the key.”

19th May 1925

Dr Robert Huston
Dr Robert Huston

Working in the Ancient City of the Yithians: Continued:

08:08 AM:

The others start sifting threw rubble finding some papers etc. Heavily singed papers are found: It is a telegram to Huston from Misr House. Just before we killed him.

Gavigan's TelegramGAVIGAN’S TELEGRAM

Houston our operations in New York and London have been interfered with by associates of Elias stop Send some of your men with electrical devices to protect the 2 other great sites and Cairo stop Their names are Irma Bloomberg Joseph Donelly Trent Duxford Wesley Freundlich-Fock Yegor Gaidar Simon Grand Trixie La Belle and Gupta Singh stop They are dangerous and must be stopped Signed Edward Gavigan

The assembly work is continuing. For Wesley it is sometimes baffling, sometimes enthralling. An excursion is now required to enter the final stage of the project.

20th May 1925

Huston's Handwritten Manuscript: Gods of Reality
Huston’s Handwritten Manuscript: Gods of Reality

Still Working in the Ancient City of the Yithians:

13:13 PM:

Simon thinks he may have found some spells in Huston’s notes. The excursion takes us through the city to another lab. There we build a box. The atomic clock is almost ready.

Simon makes some great insights into Huston’s work with many clues about the current plans of the cult.

The two spells in there are Dominate and Summon Sand Bat form of Nyarlathotep.


Gods of Reality Part 1

Gods of Reality Part 2

Gods of Reality Part 3

Gods of Reality Part 4


Wes realizes that he has helped to synthesize a new element but without knowing what it is!!!

What do we do now? The work is almost finished. He will send himself back in time. We set the atomic bomb to detonate in 12 hours time…


He places himself in the doorway and vanishes.

We trundle the bomb to the purple dome. Nerve-wracking. And then we get the hell out. Up to the trucks. 3 hours. And then a further 9 hours to get away.

Journal Wesley

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