36: 7 Investigators and the Baby of MWeru

10th June 1925

MWeru, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa:

23:23 PM

Joseph Foreboding, Hesitation and Fear of MWeru. Is the cavern leading up into the core of the mountain a gateway to an endless tortuous death? Trixie’s thoughts drift to the chameleon in her possession. She feeds it a couple of flies. And what of the investigators? Flies or lizards? MWeru?

Some faded and debased ancient Egyptian ornamentation lines the jagged passage.

Going up the passage they encounter, cracks, fissures and chasms. The journey up takes around 30 minutes. Hard going. The sound of drumming can be heard. We have nightmarish visions of a chamber, pillars, writhing, shouting, bodies, screaming, crying and eating flashing into our minds. Just behind on a platform there is a sprawled form. Only Wesley is able to resist…

Herpatia is unnaturally swollen. And insane. Two points of light, like eyes, can be seen under the skin.

As we continue we reach a rock door with noise behind it. Do we dare open it?

Huge chamber.

Full of cultists.

Cyclopean columns.

Madness and insanity.

Through the crowd we catch a glimpse of a throne. Beside it stands MWeru. To our right is the main stairway entrance to the monstrous chamber.

A frenzied blood-letting is underway. Drumming. A woman can be seen on a raised dais. Herpatia? MWeru raises her hand. Everything stops.


Herpatia throws her head back and it explodes. People try to grab whatever they can of shattered brain and skull. Something slops out of her motionless remains.


Spawn of Nyarlathotep

Two baleful yellow eyes, fanged jaws, lurid orange and appendages writhe from it as it slides down from the dais. Trailing orange vomit.

Joseph faints. Wesley goes into a catatonic stupor. Irma pushes forward behind the oblivious crowd who are singing some demonic hymn. The spawn grabs and feasts on any within reach. Irma takes out dynamite. Simon sticks his head round to look too. His mind dissolves.

The Show Continues:

Irma throws his dynamite as Wesley snaps out of his stupor. The explosives detonate and annihilate everything and everyone within the radius. Terrible injuries. Joseph is fine.

Uncle Fester fails. Trixie releases the Chameleon and it suddenly grows to an enormous size!!!

It’s the size of a truck!

Its colour starts to adjust to the chamber!

MWeru: “WHO DARES!?!”

The lizard’s tongue darts out! And grabs a cultist! The smoke begins to clear. A scene of madness greets the other investigators. Death, mutilation and pandemonium.

MWeru shouts something in Swahili. A command.


She sees the chameleon. Joseph, Simon and Gupta charge forward.

Donelly screams:

Joesph Donelly: “Go on IRMA!!!”

Gupta fires his lightning gun at MWeru.

Sudenly, Gupta and Trixie also loses her mind temporarily and becomes hysterical.

The spawn shoots an eye-ray at Joseph. It looks like a horrendous threshing machine.

MWeru: “You dare profane!? YOU DARE!?”

Wesley fires. The bullets just bounce off of her.

MWeru: “Exalted precious one! Protect her! PROTECT HER!”

The chameleon continues to eat lowly cultists, oblivious to the danger. Cultists flood forward, partially blocking the path of the Spawn.

Gupta shoots at the Spawn and hits! It is burnt and it screams!

Paniced Wesley then grabs the Ankh and Sceptre and casts ‘Fist of Yog Sothoth‘ blasting MWeru 60’ backwards into the maelstrom of killing that is the Spawn of Nyarlathotep!

MWeru is slumped to the ground. Irma fires a lightning gun. Wilbur and Joseph fire their B.A.R at MWeru, his bullets just ping off her… The chameleon runs forward through the carnage towards the Spawn.

The Fight Continues:

“We hunger! WE HUNGER!” It is the Australians who brought the lightning guns. Poor fools. A small T’Chakota appears. It has their faces trapped in it. Something begins to course through MWeru as we all run forward. “She’s gonna blow! Get out of here!” Screams Joseph. Irma throws a grenade. Wilbur fires again: His bullets splat into the Spawn and it shrieks and DIES!!!!! “She who should not be” charges forward and tries to EAT MWeru!!! The T’Chakota makes it’s way towards the chameleon. Cultists begin to commit suicide! Slitting their own throats! Irma fires his lightning gun at the T’Chakota and kills it!

Elsewhere, a cultist attacks Trixie! She does a karate kick on him and kills him instantly. There’s something in the nearby pits eating people… What??? Gupta mows down two more with his Tommy gun.

There is a strange blue light from the lizard. Wesley throws a grenade at more of the cultists.

The investigators begin to flee, anticipating an explosion. Our heroes, Wesley and Irma are the last and the hairs on their necks are on end. Something hideous is happening behind them. A wounded cultists tries to grapple Wes and fails. Going through the door, Wesley tries to close the door behind us. There is a horrendous crunch of bones from within the cavern. “I’ve cleared the way!” Says Simon. Suddenly everything starts to shake. Dodge! Irma is hit by a falling rock! He’s injured. The whole place is starting to fall apart!


We charge back down the passageway. Wes patches up Irma.

The Bloody Tongue returned.

It is the sound of panic and stampede towards the mountain. Hundreds? Thousands? It is getting closer. We start to get our explosives ready…

It is the sound of panic and stampede towards the mountain. Hundreds? Thousands? It is getting closer. We start to get our explosives ready…

Still Fighting:

Wes sees that the rock may be fragile. We should use the dynamite outside and grenades inside…

Wes and Donelly rush to the edge of the precipice and see the cultists swarming round and up the mountain… Suddenly the huge shadow of the Beast of the Bloody Tongue looms over us.

Gupta go back and get dynamite and move back to the escarpment. Joe:

Joesph Donelly: “Gupta, don’t look up!”

We plant the dynamite but Joe gets hit by a rock! Bastards! The dynamite is lit and we get into cover. The dynamite detonates. Shock-waves. Screams. Cultists falling from the cliff face into the abyss.

We set up our trap. 2 banks of weapons. Cultists charge around the corner into the entrance. Irma fires his trench gun. Panic and terror. Wesley shoots two more as they fly round the corner.

“Short controlled bursts, Gentlemen!” Warns Fester.

A small bloody pile of injured and dead is beginning to form. It grows. And grows. A black pool of blood is spreading beneath the steaming pile of death and forming into rivulets, which join to form streams of blood pouring down the mountainside. The cultists continue to mindlessly charge in to the increasingly blocked chamber, scrambling head first over the mound of their comrades.

The senseless carnage continues and if we didn’t know what cultists were like we would find it horrific.

The smell of blood and our sweat. Unexpectedly a cultist runs past the entrance. Simon guns him down. We hear shouting and singing. They are planning something…

Irma fires his shotgun injuring two at the front. Wesley finishes them.

As a resultof this, the enemy fall back, and the cultists try to use them as cover but fail. We continue to gun them down. One gets through and tries to hit Simon, but fails. And Simon finishes him off. There is shouting outside and loud activity. Grenades are made ready. We expect trouble. Irma throws a grenade out of the tunnel mouth. There are screams and the sound of people falling off the cliff face.

More cultists appear. They are just peasants. Throwing rocks. Pitiful. They are butchered. Silence falls again. We reload.

Then. as a result, they start to try and move the bodies away and then to climb over again. Carrying a body between two of them for cover they are able to almost get past the mound of bodies. Almost.

The Final Push:

There is a rumbling on the mountain.

A hole in space-time appears and a Hunting Horror appears!

It begins to force its way into the cavern! Simon and Wilbur pockmark the Horror’s wings and it withdraws.

Another one appears back in the tunnel from where we came from!

Trixie sees it first: “Hunting Horror! Here!”

Menawhile, Gupta unleashes a volley of machine gun fire into the creature but causes little damage to it. Luckily Trixie is able to finish it off!!!

Luckily Trixie is able to finish it off!!!

How many more waves of suicidal cultists? How many more Horrors? And what other horrors lie in wait for us?

Journal Wesley


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