35: Mountain of the Black Wind

10th June 1925

Bloody Tongue 2 Side 01
The Bloody Tongue

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa:

20:20 PM:

As the night stars begin to fade into a blue-grey haze and a somber red glow spreads gradually between the thick foliage on the horizon, the ashen-faced bodies of the recently killed cultists lie immobile, almost restful, on the blood-blackened grasses of the clearing. The first insects of the day have begun to examine the fresh carrion and once the sun has risen their numbers will have rapidly multiplied.
Gathering a selection of ants and beetles, we feed the chameleon called “she who should not be”… Her tongue methodically darting out and snapping back leaving no trace of the insects.
It’s a weird almost Alpine tropical environment. Occasional rain, very cold at night. Wesley decides to cast “Contact Ghoul”. Maybe we can learn something. Maybe they don’t want their food source disappearing… Uncle Fester is curious: “Is this what Trent died for?”
Wesley casts it and several of the ghouls shamble into view…

Ghoul: “You.. are .. here…? Why have you returned to us? Do you wish to join us?”
Wes: “We face a common threat.”
Ghoul: “We have seen that the stars have changed. We know that they will come. We will be safe. We have enough food. Join us!”
Wes: “Your food source will die out. Disease, in-breeding.”
Ghoul: “We cannot aid you. We fear this place for it has great power. We avoid it.”
Wes: “We do not need your aid but we need to find a way in where we will not be detected.”
Ghoul: “We know of no such way. The beast of the bloody tongue has been seen where it has not been seen
before. A spawn of the mask of chaos shall be born in this mountain of the Black Wind. Thousands have come. You cannot stop them. Join us. You are strong. You shall have women. And meat. The finest meat. JOIN US!”
Wes: “Begone! Return!”

Uncle Fester is shocked.

Uncle Fester: “What were those creatures? How could he understand their language?”

Simon: “We summoned them. An incantation that enabled him to understand their speech.”

Uncle Fester: “Witchcraft?!”

We continue through the rising landscape. It is heavy going.
We all (where possible) have Skin of Sedefkar running. It’s slow progress. By the afternoon we still aren’t very far. Uncle Fester is impressed with how organised we are. Wesley and Irma hear something. They think we are being followed. Joe and Irma peel off from the party and hide. The rest of the party continues as normal, with Gupta and Fester dropping back so that they can provide some firepower in the possible ambush.

“I’m a crack shot,” says Uncle Fester.
“Oh I’m sure you are not that bad, Uncle,” replies Gupta.

Coming up behind us are African warriors with prangers and spears. Bloody Tongue cultists. Gupta and Fester try and hide. Fester fires the BAR and drops one of them!


Gupta shoots the other with three shots from the Thompson. The cultists start to panic… One of them is shouting. Wilbur fires again: Another cultists drops. Gupta guns another one. The rest charge towards us screaming. Irma and Joe break cover and begin the ambush from behind. Chaos. Foliage is flying as bullets hiss and buzz through the air. Irma fires his shotgun. One is down and badly injured. Another is ready to throw his pranger but is hit and collapses: Seriously injured. Another throws a spear at Irma and hits – negating Irma’s skin. But no! His bullet proof vest saves him!

“Argh! Damn schmucks!”

Gupta fires again and kills one of the injured targets and injures another. The rest are quickly finished off. The last of the cultists charges towards Fester and Gupta and throws his spear at Fester causing a minor injury! Simon fires his M-16 and drops the crazed cultist.
Wilbur is in awe of the M-16… “Where do these guns come from? And what about the brass camera-like things?”
We take the headbands and search the bodies.

There is one injured. Gupta gives him first aid.

The cultist is defiant:

Cultist: “She knows you are coming! You are the second group of white men! She sent out patrols! The great day is coming! Men are here from all over the world! Africa! India! The great day is coming! The mountain of the Black Wind is hers! She is in the mountain! There is only one way in! Where the sacrifices are! She has many guards! Strong guards! Lightning guns! We will fuck you and eat you!”

As we proceed, there is the unmistakable stench of human waste. We are on the edge of a huge crowd of people gathering on the mountain of the Black Wind. We are wearing the red headbands so the cultists nod in greeting. For who else would we be? Here? In the middle of nowhere?

The Black Wind Mountain towers menacingly like a column of basalt over this seething mess of human scum. We proceed cautiously.

Bundari: “This is the center of all evil. This is the place.”

Some cultists come jogging past us, beckoning us to follow.

Cultists: “Come, come!”

Bundari: Darkness is coming. Darkness is when our enemies appear.”

Darkness is beginning to draw in. The chaotic mass of people share a common purpose and pay us little heed. We drop our rucksacks and continue. The stench of human waste is disgusting. Sudanese, Arabs, Bushmen, Indians. A reverential hush builds up. In the distance some dark figures mill around an entrance into the mountain of the Black Wind.

A strong, powerful, haughty and seductive woman’s voice:

“Tonight is a night of greatness. The seed of our lord will join us! Tonight comes the great child! Nyarshatan! Nyarshatana! NYARSHATAN! NYARSHATANA!”

The echo rolls across the valley. Clothes start to come off as the frenzy builds. Some begin to look at those of us who haven’t taken off our clothes. Trixie starts to move through the crowd. The scarlet sky grows darker. Lightning flashes across the sky. A plume forms on the mountain.
A blood-letting sacrifice is taking place in the crowd. It is horrific. Prisoners are being killed in a frenzy. After an hour of this an enormous bolt of lightning strikes the mountain of the Black Wind. The scene is sheer madness.

The point where the lightning struck begins to solidify and form into the shape of a giant hideous monster. A giant three legged thing.

Sam faints. Fester stares. Joe collapses on his knees in awe and worship.

“Oh… my… god…”

“Oh no. Oh help! OH NO!”

With a wave of a tentacle, Nyarlathotep creates stone staircases which lead to the top of the mountain! The crowd surges to move to the stairs! Most are naked, or partially dressed. Trixie, calmly brushes herself down and recovers her equipment.
People are vomiting, have been raped or killed. The monster is randomly crushing and killing those rushing towards it. It is absolute insanity.
Bundari helps Uncle Fester recover from his shock. His eyes clear and calmness returns.
“It will work for only one hour or two…”

Meanwhile, Nyarlathotep begins to swirl…

Gupta: “The black wind! We must find shelter!”

Sam has regained consciousness. The wind heads off into the distance. But to where?
Sam: “I have come this far. I will come with you. I will help you cleanse this place.”
We head up the mountain towards the cave entrance. Fester was shaken to the core but now feels calm and serene. The path towards the tunnel is narrow but safe. We make our way precariously. Gupta and Joe suspect something ahead and sneak forward. Around the cave entrance torches flicker. There are snakes? What?

It stinks. The others come forward. Simon trips. Sam trips. Suddenly a body comes bouncing down the cliff face. There are piles of corpses. People pleading in African languages. A huge statue of the bloody tongue. There are racks of weapons behind the throne. There are prisoners in the cages. One tries to warn us just as a witch doctor appears walking towards us! He has snakes for arms! Like at Ho Fong’s! Uncle Fester obliterates him with a barrage from the BAR. Joe shows the prisoners a picture of M’weru. “Where?” The prisoners point to the throne. Behind the throne is strange reddish sandstone. It looks recent. Trixie finds a hardwood box on the floor and takes a spear to open it. Inside she finds a marine chronometer! It is there to tell the exact time! For the ritual! Joe finds a suspicious hatch behind the throne:

Joe: “This could take us up! This is it people! They don’t know we are here. I believe this is the way up to the altar! This is how we can get to the congregation!”

Sam: “Is this gallows humour? I can get these people out! Should I take them down?”
Irma: “Yes, just give us some time to get in there.”

Sam is talking to a young woman:

Sam: “She says be careful. Four white men came here! They were taken prisoner! They took the guns!”

A narrow twisty passage leads up. There are some smudged remains of hieroglyphic paintings on the walls. Is this where they fled to? Gupta takes the lead going up the passageway.
Before entering, Gupta hesitates. For a brief moment, his thoughts are cast back into the past. He remembers a dusty teahouse in Amritsar, a colourful Sikh procession in the crowded street. Flickering sunlight through grimy windows. The sound of laughter. The warm sweet taste of his chai.

As quickly as this memory appears, it is extinguished. Whatever awaits within the mountain of the Black Wind, he will be ready.

They all will be.

Journal Wesley

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