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Here is the list of heroic PCs, from Daggerford, that will be entering the Land of Barovia and Castle Ravenloft. Having overcome many trials and tribulations in their short fellowship together, the adventurers now find themselves in the strange and unfamiliar lands of Barovia, the realm of Count Strahd von Zarovich rule over from his Castle Ravenloft.

They came from Daggerford, a walled city with three major geographical divisions. The first area is the town itself, which fills the western half of the walls. The second region is somewhat higher than the town and is known as The Commons. This is a large pasture intended primarily for the grazing of animals during times of trouble. The third area, located at the centre of The Commons, is the castle of the Duke of Daggerford. Much of the castle has been recently rebuilt by a family of Dwarves, making it somewhat more majestic and splendid than might.

They have survived Caravan duty, attacks from Lizard Men, Orcs, Goblins, Ghouls, Werewolf’s and Evil Men.

They fought monsters in many forms and guises, Spiders, Huge Stinging Creatures, Small Lightning Creatures, Ceratosaur, Wolves, Manticores, Bugbears, Owlbears and Giant Toads, to name but a few.

Then there was the “Battle for Illefarn” or “The Battle of Five Armies and Frimly” as the poets now call it.

Daggerford was a small but consequential town located in the Delimbiyr Vale within the greater Sword Coast.

While it was primarily a farming community, and considered by some to be a stopover town, the town had great ambitions to grow and be seen as an alternative to their northern neighbor of Waterdeep.

Despite its modest size and somewhat inflated sense of importance, Daggerford was resilient. It was something of a relic from the old kingdom of Delimbiyr, too stubborn to fall even when a series of wars, crusades, and other conflicts threatened the entirety of the Sword Coast. Daggerford’s coat-of-arms was a silver dagger, covered in blood atop a field of dark blue and is worn by our Heroes being part of the Daggerford Militia.

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The List of Adventurers:

Frimly Greenish

Thora Grid El

Mirafir Roven

Mirafir Rovan’s Spell Book:

Sigune Feldscmlachter

Father Almuric Tobias

Sir Hector Ly

Galan Tara

Vicross Silverkin

Vcross Silverkin’s Spell Book:

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