Ravenloft – Journal

Journal Entries:

Here you will find the journal entries from our Heroes and thier adventure in the land of Barovia.

Prolouge: The Begining, Daggerford

Chapter 1: Beyond The Mists of Barovia

Chapter 2: In The Village of Barovia

Chapter 3: The Graveyard Battle

Chapter 4: The Vistani Campsite

Chapter 5: Entering Castle Ravenloft

Chapter 6: Losing Mirafir & Father Tobias

Chapter 7: Mirafir’s Adventure

Chapter 8: Father Tobias’ Mini Adventure

Chapter 9: Attacks in The Servants Area

Chapter 10: Searching The Courtyard Area

Chapter 11: Escaping From The Ghost

Chapter 12: The Chapel of Doom

Chapter 13: Battle of The Two Towers

Chapter 14: The Flooded Cells

Chapter 15: The Brazier Room

Chapter 16: Reaching The Catacombs

Chapter 17: Crypt of The King & Queen

Chapter 18: Exploring The Catacombs

Chapter 19: Frimly is Taken

Chapter 20: Sir Ly is Taken

Chapter 21: Sir Ly is Found

Chapter 22: The Tome of Strahd

Chapter 23: Strahd’s Study

Chapter 24: Strahd’s Fireplace

Chapter 25: Treasure Room

Chapter 26: Goodbye Sir Ly

Chapter 27: The Hall of Bones

Chapter 28: The Final Rest

Chapter 29: Catacombs Battle I

Chapter 30: Catacombs Battle II

Chapter 31: Catacombs Battle III

Chapter 32: Catacombs Battle IV

Chapter 33: Catacombs Battle V

Chapter 34: Catacombs Battle VI

Chapter 35: Catacombs Battle VII

Chapter 36: Catacombs Battle VIII

Chapter 37: Catacombs Battle IX

Chapter 38: Catacombs Battle X

Chapter 39: Catacombs Battle XI

Chapter 40: Catacombs Battle XII

Chapter 41: Strahd Defeated

Chapter 42: The Demon Crypt

Chapter 43: The Last Crypts

Chapter 44: Journey Back Home & Training

Chapter 45: More Training

Chapter 46: Loose Ends Begins

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